Elson Narrate Finding His Girlfriend with her Ex having S** in bed

On this Week Episode on that Zedpodcast features Celebrated zambian artist, USA ARMY and a family man – T Bwoy.

T Bwoy talks about growing up in chibombo, How his catholic Name Peter still carries weight. My grandmother used to call me Peter ( Rock) and that iam the Pillar of my family when I was still Young – he added.

Furthermore, A certain fan who was following this interview had to comment asking about T Bwoy impregnating a certain woman. He was asked to respond on this matter of urgency, Though nothing stopped him, Earnestly he agreed having being accused of impregnating a certain lady and baring all the charges. Unfortunately when the baby was born it was something else as the baby didn’t match his DNA.

To his Surprise ( Elson) , This reminded him of his ex girlfriend who had caught red-handed having S**x with another man.

Could this be the reason why Elson usually talks about Depression? Here is a video.


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