“Macky 2 Disappointed Me”-Chellah Tukuta

This is one of the conversation Worth Having, As Chellah Tukuta  disclose faking relationship with Chrisha Float, His Arrest,Sex Life in Prison & Being Disappointed with The Zambian Entertainment Industry.

The hosts of ThaZedPostcast show (K-Plus & Elson) had Chellah Tukuta open up on alot of Issues.

Not Being Limited, Our Team monitored closely to this particular statement were Chellah Tukuta says How Disappointed he was/Is with Macky 2.

There was this Other Day when Macky 2 asked me, Chellah Tukuta How do you manage to be famous outside Zambia, because iam more famous in Zambia than Beyonce” 

According to Chellah Tukuta , He feels Zambian artists becomes more comfortable when they become famous in Zambian Streets as compared to these other artists from different countries.

More from what he said, Stream Below!!


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