Drifta Trek Just Dissed The Whole Zambian Music Industry In His Latest Song (Read)

Drifta Trek, Song Title: Currently


Drifta Trek Just Dissed The Whole Zambian Music Industry In His Latest Song (Read)

The Zambian Music Industry is on fire 🔥🔥 with these rappers taking shots at each other.

So Difta Trek has released his highly anticipated EP titled as Good For Hip Hop under All Stars Music Entertainment, the Ep features Four (4) songs titled (1) Live My Life , (2)Currently , (3) Ti Kudya Kumozi , (4) Komboni with features from Jae Cash, Dre Zm and Blood Kid Yvok and was produced by Smash Beats, Dre and C Mark.

With the release of this album there is one track that is attracting people’s attention, that is track 2 (Two) Currently, which was produced by C Mark and Dre Zm.

Why Is This Song Getting The Attention?

Well the track currently is not just a track on an EP, It looks like Drifta Trek had a lot to say in this specific track as went after the whole Zambian music industry.

The first line of his first verse Drifta talked about how rap has become so weak that it is even being defeated by Comedy and Bloggers trends and so far so good we have rappers that have been putting in the work like Jay Rox, Chef, Blood Kid, Macky 2, i mean Slap Dee has a rap album BWIII that was just dropped but o Drifta Trek everything has been wack, okay.

He went ahead and subliminally involved a specific photographer of Zambia who has been so opinionated lately about every song that has been dropping, in the name of rating it, we all know who that is….right?

3p from 4 na 5 was directly mentioned by Drfta Trek over a heated argument that they had. Drifta Trek wrote in his song “Ndiwe Pupil Sininga Kambe Naiwe Nikupasa Cp” , then involved Ruff Kid as a mockery over his long time dream to feature Lil Wayne by saying “Elo Suchitika Monga Feature Ya Kaida Na Wizy”.

3p is not the only victim of the song Currently by Drifta Trek. he took a direct shot at Aqualaskin over his waist wining branding. Drifta Trek believes AQualaskin has fallen off , he almost called him a stripper or something has he wrote ” Winangu Enzo Rapper But, Now He Just Twerks, Kungo Nyanyisa Musana Pa Stage No Shirt”

DJs were dissed subliminally has wrote “Uliza Amapiano But Tikakumana Ufuna Kudyamo”, it has been a complaint by Zambian artist big time about these SJs only playing outside songs in the club. Drifta put it on the record.

Then this the interesting part, this dude just all the albums that have been dropped in 2024 and i quote “Mu 2024 Still No Album Has Impressed Me” and we know very well who n who has dropped an album in 2024 right?, we talking about XYZ’s Slap Dee with BWIII, Bobby East with Rob.Art, Dizmo Umuntu Mutwe, Camster with his album too and other artists and yet in Drifta’s opinion they are all wack.

“Nina Blowa Mu Error Yama Downloads, Bafana Apa Bagula Ma Views”well ever since Chile One’s music video on YouTube video had lost views, he has been a target by a lot of artist, literally people are now using the algorithm as a topic of a conversation whichever chance they get.

Jemax and Dizmo were subliminally dissed as he wrote “Am A Killer, Monga Ve Ninachita Mu Sneaker Nama Chain” ,as we already know Dizmo has a song Sneaker Na Ma Chain, in which he fetaured Jemax and Drifta Trek and there has been an argument of who had the best verse but looks like Drifta Trek is shutting that talk down as he claims he had killed both Jemax and Dizmo, i personally disagree.

And i quote “Competition Ya Yo Boy (Yo Maps) and Chile (Chile One) is still valid But Umozi Pali Aba Ba Bili Simukali”. Well who do you think that was directed to?

He dissed the Kwacha Awards saying they are still armatures who needs to do better, i mean that can be true.

Interestingly how he subliminally dissed Macky 2’s record label that brought him in the music scene, he wrote “Mind The Way You Label Me Am Not With That Label”, which other label apart from Alpha Entertainments because so we haven’t been seen Macky2 or Alpha Entertainment being involved with Drifta’s work.. Kaya if they will even share this bad song.

What do you think about Drifta’s new single?.

Check it out in the link below

Drifta Trek – Currently.

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