Ndine Emma talks about being the most influential comedian in Zambia.


Ndine Emma talks about being the most influential comedian in Zambia.

Ndine Emma who’s legal names are Emmanuel Phiri. In 2021, during the lockdown, Ndine Emma created a video and shared it with his friends, which quickly gained traction and started trending on Zambian social media pages. This prompted his peers to advise him to create his own Facebook page, which ended up amassing more than 15K followers within 24 hours of its creation, showcasing the widespread love for his talent. Ndine Emma then reached out to The Comedian Association of Zambia, which was organizing an event with K mobile in Ndola. The association warmly welcomed him and gave him the opportunity to perform on stage for an audience of over 250 people. During this event, he shared the stage with renowned comedians such as BOB Nkosha and Brighton Sinkala. His most popular video skits, such as “BBC vs Zambian Journalist” and “Zambian songs can be used to get some truth of a lying person,” have been praised by the Zambian audience for being both educational and relatable. In November 2021, Ndine Emma had the honor of being one of the opening acts for Ugandan comedian Annie Kansime at ECL Mall in Kitwe. This event showcased the talents of many Zambian comedians and left the audience electrified. When asked about the challenges he has faced in his career so far, Ndine Emma acknowledged that the Zambian comedy industry is filled with great comedians, making it difficult to stand out and sell one’s image. However, he expressed gratitude for the support he has received and encouraged Zambians to continue buying tickets and supporting local comedians. According to Ndine Emma, making people laugh is not an easy task. It requires keen observation skills to create relatable and funny jokes and stories. He also emphasized the importance of being open-minded and intelligent to excel as a comedian. Petersen Zagaze Biography: Age, Music Career, Politics, Awards, Nominations Ndine Emma is calling on the government and private sector to continue supporting local talent, stating that comedy is a gold mine in Zambia and has the potential to be exported. He believes that Zambia possesses abundant comedic talent that can contribute to the entertainment industry on a global scale.

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