“it’s hard to Accept a child Conceived in 3 Weeks”-Kidist shows Doubt about Bukata.

Kidist and Yo Maps were live on social media to address Mr George N Mutonga about not Appreciating Yo Maps’s Child Bukata.

Yo Maps seems to be against Mwizukanji’s decision to put the baby on a public domain at her age for it may have a repercussion in future. However, In the video below we Qoute Kidist say “First Of All It’s hard to accept the child who were conceived in 3 Weeks, Mukazi mupasa ulemu he (Yo Maps) is a man and half” . From this Qoute,Though, this shows that Kidist has Doubtful thought about Bukata being Yo Maps’s Child .as indicated here. MWIZUKANJI SAID BUKATA IS NOT YO MAPS’S CHILD 




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  1. Is Kidist Acting To Be Blind, She Doesn’t Need To Make People Seem Foolish. Bukata Ressembles Her Father Like 99.9%, Her Child Who Was Concieved In The Actual Period Of Time, Has Less Ressemblence As Compared To That Of Bukata. Stop The Madness Please!😏

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