Chellah Tukuta Fires Shot at Macky 2 Again, Towela Kaira & Danny Kaya Express Disappointment

Following the Announcement of the Show Which Macky 2, Yo Maps & Slapdee in collaboration with Zambian Celebrated club DJ – DJ VJeezy will have in Australia, Presidential photographer – Chellah Tukuta reacts.

Chellah Tukuta commented.

Hope you will not be performing to the Zambian community only who are just a few in numbers. We need to see a stadium filled show where Australians will be jamming to your music then we shall know muli ba pondo. Not just singing to Zambians in the diaspora – Chellah Tukuta.

Alot of Zambian Artists have expressed disappointment with his Comment Include The Legendary Artist Danny Kaya. Who Replied as “Really” . Macky 2’s Younger Sister Towela Kaira who is also into Music Suggested Chellah Tukuta should Stick to photography unlike poking his nose on other people’s business.

Some Few weeks Ago – Chellah Tukuta said he was Disappointed with Macky 2 because he doesn’t do shows outside Zambia and that he’s too comfortable with being famous in the country. Incase you missed it (Macky 2 Disappointed Me” -Chellah Tukuta )

Does it mean chellah Tukuta has something against Macky 2?

Whats Your Reaction?


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