Chellah Tukuta Mocks Yo Map’s New Song “Flop Song” (Watch)

Chellah Tukuta Mocks Yo Maps "Flop Song" (Watch)


Chellah Tukuta Mocks Yo Map’s New Song “Flop Song” (Watch)

As Yo Maps delivered his highly anticipated single titled Nga Te Ba Yahweh, it only got more negative views than the positive views, is it going to be like it is every time where it is a flop until it is not a flop any more or this one is really a flop?.

Chellah Tukuta went an extra mile, he created a video of him mocking the Yo Maps newly released single Nga Te Ba Yahweh and made his own remix saying it wouldn’t have flopped if it was in his version. Watch.

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