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T-Sean & Jemax Contract Drama with Nexus Music, Afunika vows to sue the Label.


T-Sean Baila’s Contract Drama with Nexus Music

In the midst of the Zambian music scene, a heated dispute has emerged between artist T-Sean Baila and his former record label, Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd. What began as a promising partnership soon turned sour, leaving fans and industry insiders stunned.

T-Sean Baila, a talented artist known for his captivating music, found himself at the center of attention after signing a contract with Nexus Music. With an initial payment of K50,000 and a promise of K250,000, T-Sean eagerly embarked on his musical journey.

However, things took an unexpected turn when T-Sean decided to release his music independently on his own account. Not only did this decision cost him a significant amount, totaling K80,000 for the production of music videos, but it also left his former label empty-handed in terms of revenue generated.

The controversy escalated when fellow artist Jemax claimed that Nexus Music had not taken him seriously either, revealing that all he received from them was a “Wifi Router.” These revelations sparked outrage among fans and industry insiders, who questioned the label’s professionalism and treatment of artists.

Critics argue that Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd should have been more selective in their signings, considering the talented artists they had worked with in the past. The decision to focus solely on Yo Maps, while neglecting other artists, has raised eyebrows and led to the deterioration of the label’s reputation.

While some suggest that taking legal action might be a viable solution, others argue that exposing T-Sean publicly will not bring any revenue to Nexus Music. Instead, the label needs to refocus its efforts on fostering credible business practices and nurturing the artists they sign.

Amidst all the drama, it becomes evident that Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd needs to regain its credibility and address the artists who have left the label. It is imperative for the label to communicate transparently with the public and outline their plans for future endeavors.

As the Zambian music industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for recording labels like Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd to prioritize professionalism, respect, and fairness towards artists. Only then can we hope to see a thriving and harmonious music industry that benefits both artists and labels alike.


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