Mwizukanji Moves On as she forgive Yo Maps & Kidist

“Social Media influencer – Advertise With Mwizukanji wrote. Following the apology she demanded from Kidist,Click 👉(You Should Have Apologized first&;-Mwizukanji tells Kidist Kiffle )

Whoever said “forgiveness is for your own peace” deserves an award.”

A summary chapter of every thing untasteful that came to me from either a point of honesty or hate has been closed.

Apology accepted and wish you two love birds the very best in everything you do.Life in a nutshell is one big lesson and we keep learning.

I hope and pray that whatever you both do prosper.

By the way bring that cake I have “dangerous cravings lately”

Mummy Kidist kifle this weekend it’s your turn to baby sit I want to go out and chill in the weldi.

if ever she cries ask papa Yo Maps Yo to sing komando for her!

Have a blessed afternoon 

Ms Nakamba

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KB Ft Chile One-Dear Baby Mama


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