Malawians ordered Tay Grin to refrain from celebrating “So Mone” success as he was just featured


Malawians ordered Tay Grin to refrain from celebrating “So Mone” success as he was just featured.

The online community in Malawi has recently been buzzing with a passionate and intense debate centered around the hit song “So Mone” by Yo Maps featuring Tay Grin. This discussion has primarily taken place on Facebook, where Malawians have expressed their contrasting opinions on whether Tay Grin should refrain from boasting about the song, considering that it is actually Yo Map’s creation.

The song “So Mone” has gained significant popularity such that it is toping charts on Boomplay beating some Nigerian artists. The song has captivated the hearts of music enthusiasts across the nation. However, controversy has arisen due to the fact that Yo Map, is the one supposed to celebrate talented artist because he’s creator of this chart-topping track. This revelation has sparked a heated debate among Malawians, who have taken to social media to voice their opinions. This prompt Tay Grin to respond via his Facebook page in a calmly manner attached below is what he wrote.


There are levels to understanding and I feel it’s important for US to take note. If your fellow Citizen is winning on an international level, that is automatically a win for you too; CELEBRATE!! That is why they say Tay Grin from Malawi and I take pride in where I come from. What has happened to this Nation for us to embark on a journey where negativity is the order of the day? No, let us reflect 🙏🏿

I see a lot of you are saying it’s not my song rather yomaps’s and I shouldn’t brag about it, what reasons are there for not Celebrating a song I’m part of? Let’s learn to appreciate each other, it begins with US and people out there would also respect us as a Nation based on how we treat and support each other.

Chabwino kaya it’s 2M views of Tay Grin dancing 🕺 sinanga my sweet vocals akudutsani 😃😄 but as a nation WE have made history; be PROUD!!

So chilibwa ! So chilibwa!





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