KB urges rising artists to stay Real, Macky 2 used as an Example



In the vibrant world of Zambian music, a passionate debate has ignited. Renowned producer KB Killa Beats recently expressed his opinion on the use of foreign lingo in our songs, urging artists to embrace our own unique language and expressions. While borrowing elements like melodies can be inspiring, KB suggests that using Nigerian lingo, for instance, may make us appear desperate for attention.

Zambian artists like Macky 2 have already shown their creativity by incorporating local phrases like “pulogilamu” (meaning program) into their music. By doing so, they not only stay true to our culture but also export our own authentic lingo to the world.

People have applauded KB’s plea for an infusion of Zambian identity in our music, encouraging artists to personalize their lyrics with our own linguistic gems.

As the Zambian music scene continues to evolve, we eagerly await the next wave of creative expressions that will captivate our ears and represent our nation with flair and authenticity. Let’s celebrate our own language and culture, embracing the power of our words to make a lasting impact in the industry and beyond.



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