Gospel Showdown: Lily Mutamz Calls Out Ephraim for Mixing with Secular Artists.


Gospel Showdown: Lily Mutamz Calls Out Ephraim for Mixing with Secular Artists.

In a recent drama that’s making waves in the music circles, Lillian Mutambo, famously known as Lily Mutamz TV, took a swipe at fellow gospel artists who eagerly perform at secular gigs instead of turning them down. Mutambo insisted that if they truly believed in God’s providence, they wouldn’t need to rush for every opportunity that comes their way.

Not one to take criticism lying down, Ephraim, alias Son of Africa, clapped back, emphasizing that success in gospel music should be measured by the number of souls won for Christ, not by monetary gains. He argued that spreading love and being the salt of the world should be the ultimate goal.

The feud escalated when Mutambo accused Ephraim of neglecting gospel events in favor of performing alongside secular artists. Ephraim calmly responded, emphasizing that the gospel is all-inclusive and that hate speech is unbecoming of a true follower of Christ.

Fans were quick to commend Ephraim for his mature and respectful response, urging Mutambo to let love guide her actions.

This clash between two popular people serves as a wake-up call for the Zambian gospel fraternity. It’s high time they united to promote the true essence of gospel music – spreading love instead of animosity. Let’s hope they resolve their differences harmoniously, emphasizing the significance of unity within the genre.


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