Bobby East Insight being Blackmailed over a s**tape for a year on ‘Getting Candid’

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Bobby East Insight being Blackmailed over a sextape for a Year.

Kalandanya Music Promotion signed rapper, Singer & Songwriter – Bobby East is currently on social media break following the backlash from fans for doing Political party songs, he said on the Getting Candid show with Helen.

Do we realize that before these people are considered celebrities, Influencers & Media Personalities they are also humans? Bobby East clarify the need to take social media away when dealing with issues that will affect someone’s mental health.

Talking about mental health, He has further insight what transpired when he was involved in a sextape with his ex-Girlfriend some 5 Years ago. “Some years back, iam sure everyone knows about this story, that person and I were dating and we took that video but what people do not know is that for a year I was being Blackmailed over that video, I was sending money over and over in line with that” . But it hasn’t gotten over with the people.
Furthermore, He has adviced people to take serious control over what they comment on social media because as humans we go through different things we might not know what our friends are going through.

Since all the backlash seems to align with the issue of doing political party songs, That question could not be left unanswered – Bobby East’s take for doing political party song was based on the motivation, also it was within the space when we had just lost Daev (RIP) then I realized that things just happen, What happens when I die, what will I live for my son? Nobody was forced to do a campaign song by the record Label.

In a nutshell, Bobby East suggest confronting each other when dealing with more of mental health issues.
If You may need more clarification on this, Watch the attached video below.


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