Zambians Left Disappointed by Chile One’s Questionable Album


Zambians Left Disappointed by Chile 1’s Questionable Album

In a surprising turn of events, popular Lusaka car dealer, Chama Mwansa, has shifted his attention from promising K’millian a Mercedes Benz to dissecting Chile 1’s latest album. Taking to social media, he expressed his disappointment, calling the album nothing more than a “useless toilet album.

” He not only demanded an apology from the artist but also highlighted the high cost of living and economic hardships faced by the Zambian people. The post has sparked a fiery debate on Facebook, with passionate music lovers eagerly chiming in. While opinions differ, one thing is for sure –

Chile 1’s album has become the subject of intense scrutiny and divided opinions among Zambians. Buckle up, folks, the gossip train is gaining steam!



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