Yo Maps Manager DJ Kandeke Insult a fan over Bukata, Read..


DJ Kandeke’s Sassy Insult Rattling the Internet, Zambians Clamoring for the Gossip

Popular DJ Kandeke finds himself in the middle of a fiery controversy following a controversial Facebook post. After alluding to a mysterious situation in area 43, one fan accuses him of targeting Bukata. Shockingly, DJ Kandeke responds with an insult, leaving fans stunned.

Supporters argue it was meant as a wake-up call, but opinions are divided. Emotions run high as fans engage in a heated debate online. With tensions escalating, the outcome of this drama remains uncertain.

Stay tuned for updates on this gripping news as it unfolds. Only time will tell how this controversy will be resolved in the world of Zambian entertainment gossip.


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