“Y Celeb Is Just Bullshitting to Claim Nez Long’s Song-Bobby East

Bobby East & Nez Long

XYZ Entertainment C.E.O – Bobby East was hosted by K-Plus & Elson on ThaZedPostcast .

They Discussed alot of Things Concerning his Personal Life, His music journey & love Life .

However, He was asked why he stole Y Celeb‘s Song “Input”. To answer this question Bobby East said the Song Was initially his and at one Point he wanted to feature 408 Empire (Y Celeb & Ray Dee) . Furthermore, Y Celeb & Ray Dee didn’t finish to put their Verses they said they will come the other day.

The Issue of Nez Long, Nez Long decided to start listening to unfinished projects in a certain hard drive , That’s how he found that song. Bobby East narrated that he asked Nez Long to tell Y Celeb that he wanted to use the song, Which He did.

He then Concluded to say it’s bullshit of Y Celeb to start saying they stole his song. Check out this interview here




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