Top 10 Instagram Influencers In Zambia 2020


According to a research by our team it has found that the Top 10 Influencers from Instagram are as follows. Check out this below.


  1. Ismael Bennacer
    With 1.8 Million Followers, 7.6% Engagement & 140k likes per Post.

  2. Bahijkaddoura
    With 720K Followers, 5.7% Engagement & 40K Likes Per Post.

  3. @Realclatouschama

With 210Followers, 5.4% Engagement & 11K Likes Per Post.

  1. Slap Dee

With 320K Followers, 2.9% Engagement & 9.1 Likes Per Post.

  1. Official NA Meme Page

With Over 90K Followers, 10.1% Engagement & 8.9k Likes Per Post.

  1. Iris Kaingu

With Over 160K Followers, 5.3% Engagement & 8.6 Likes Per Post.

  1. Tatiana

With Over 80K Followers, 10.7% Engagement & 8.5 Likes Per Post.

  1. @spaxmining

With Over 150k, 3.9% Engagement & 5.6K Likes Per Post.

  1. @Sampa_the_great

With Over 100K Followers, 5.5% Engagement & 5.5k Likes Per Post.

  1. Alestorm
    With Over 76K Followers, 7.1% Engagement, 5.3K Like Per Post

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