The Kopala Rich Man Net Worth $

A copper belt based man has recently caught attention of Zambians following his controversy to showcasing Money On Social Media.

Though, Alot are question his source of money as he has just come from no where to start dishing out money anyhow to people. A Recent Video on his Facebook Page shows marketeers seeking for business empowerment (Capital) from this Young Man. Check here!


This May Be as a result of the previous videos where he’s seen dishing out money ranging to k50,000 equivalent to $3000 to the Nexus Music Entertainment Signed Rapper – Jemax & Xaven The Kopala Queen.


Not Limited to these actions, he is seen driving Expensive Vehicles & He Promised to buy a car for Y Celeb.

But the Question here is How Much is the so called The Kopala Rich Man Worth?

We are yet to give you more details pertaining this. As for now Stick to this website.

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