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Macky 2 Olijaba [Full Album]

Macky 2 Olijaba Full Tracklist

Macky Unlock the Album Tracklist of his album Olijaba which Contains 12 Songs. Check It Out Below!

No.Artist(s) NameTitle
1Macky 2 Feat. FJayIntro
2Macky 22 By 2
3Macky 2 Feat. IzraelYou Would Never Know
4Macky 2Loosing Kontolo
5Macky 2 Feat. Chef 187 & Towela KairaFamily Over Everything
6Macky 2 Feat. Chef 187Am The Man
7Macky 2 Feat. AKABeautiful Night
8Macky 2 Feat. Yo MapsTeti Ndabe
9Macky 2 Feat. Chef 187Silencer
10Macky 2 Feat. HarmonizeFor You
11Macky 2 Feat. SlapdeeTGDY
12Macky 2 Feat. Towela KairaAmapalo

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