Jemax Reveals Writing Xaven’s Hit Song, Gets Candid on unfair treats by Fellow Artists

Jemax Speaks Out: Feeling Unappreciated and Revealing Xaven’s Hit Song in Explosive Interview

Jemax, the renowned Zambian rapper, has made some bold statements about the music industry in a recent interview.

He expressed feeling unappreciated and criticized Chile One, claiming the producer always wants artists to share his new songs. Jemax also revealed that he wrote Xaven’s hit song “Nge Iyo Behavior”.

Some fans agreed with Jemax, saying that he deserves more recognition and respect, while others think he is being emotional. Despite this, Jemax remains a talented rapper, with many appreciating his contributions to the Zambian music scene, especially in collaborations.

With his latest comments, it seems Jemax may be seeking a change in how artists are treated in Zambia’s music industry.


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