“I was the first one to Apologize”-Yo Maps Claims


Is exercising democratic rights bad for people with influence?,Musical fans have paid a deaf ear and ignored the question above. Not more than 2 days ago XYZ Entertainment founder Slapdee was forced to apologize by his fans for exercising his democratic rights in a way that he composed a song for a certain named  political party. 

This act however, has become a habit to main fans as they’ve started demanding apologies to who ever was involved in composition of Patriotic Front songs. 

Moreover,We can not mention 2021 political party songs or rather campaign songs without the name Yo Maps because he was party of the collaboration that had the hottest campaign song entitled Alebwelelapo. Here comes a named fan (Mr Prince George) who was joking about stepping in to apologize on behalf of Yo Maps, But He (Yo Maps) has responded to say he was the first among the artists to apologize. 

Yo Maps Comment





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