“I Like the Bounce, Though They (Chanda Na Kay) Need to Improve”-Musa Keys

South African Based Amapiano Rap Star – Musa Keys who is Known for his hit song Samarian Boy & Selema (Popo) was hosted by EDNA The People’s Bae of The ZMB Talks, The purpose was to try to introduce him to the Zambian Tune.

Edna had an opportunity to introduce “Chanda Na Kay‘s” Latest Song “Bulongo” to Musa Keys. Though he couldn’t get any meaning he adviced “Chanda Na Kay” to be universal in their song composition.

Universal in such a way that there should be something in the song that listeners can easily know the whole concept of the song.

What’s Bulo? Oh Bulongo! I Like the bounce but they need to be Universal, Universal in such a way that someone can easily know what they are saying” – Musa Keys

He added to say even just One or Two Lines in English are enough for someone to know the concept.
Stream this Interview Below !

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