“I Groomed H-Mac, But he betrayed me”-Ruff Kid


I Groomed H Mac, But he betrayed Me – Ruff Kid.

Former XYZ Entertainment Rapper Ruff Kid who is now with Kalandanya Music Promotion had an interview with Edna or something like The People’s Bae of The ZMB Talks.

It is not clear yet why Ruff Kid left XYZ Entertainment, But in this interview he partially explained how he got to reconcile with XYZ Entertainment founder – Slapdee following the long time beef.

Moreover, Talking about artists leaving XYZ Entertainment, Ruff Kid is not the only one, as we all have seen that last month about 5 artists left the label for unknown reasons, among them is H-Mac who has saved as Manager of the label.

Furthermore, Edna asked Ruff Kid if he can comment on why H-Mac left the label. However, Ruff Kid could not hesitate to comment about this as he clearly stated how he groomed H-Mac on what’s need for him to be an artist manager, how to earn shows and the like, But at some point Ruff Kid says he felt H-Mac & Slapdee had betrayed him and he thinks H Mac Reaped what he Sow. Please Watch the interview for Reason



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