“Fireboy Dml is not bigger than Macky 2”-DJ Showstar

This Controversy about Zambian Club DJs not playing more of zambian music, in Clubs has resulted into Chimweka  deciding to call DJ Showstar, Ms Selfie & Michael to find out what can be the solution. 

Michael who is a representative from the ZAM, Think there is need to establish a policy that will enforce playing 70% of zambian music.

DJ Showstar on another hand thinks zambian artists have not done much to push there music as they do get fatigue to push their projects after huge effort to record it.

Ms Selfie view is that accessibility some zambian artists don’t really want to engage themselves with Alot of DJs in terms of how to market their songs.

However, A Debate of who is popular in Zambia between Macky 2 & Fireboy is rolled up !. Do you think Macky 2 is bigger than Fireboy? What the video and Comment on our Facebook page.



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