Dipsy Zam Reply To Cinori Xo, Talks The Possibility to working With Mampi,Neo & More on Upclose

Earlier Today, We Hosted Promising Zambia Star – Dipsy Zam who talks about the Possibility to working with Mampi, Neo, Jemax & Frank Ro this Year. 

He Also had time to Talk about him being affiliated with Kalandanya Music Promotion, And Reply to a diss Song by Cinori Xo. Enjoy Below! 

  • Thank You For Sparing Your Time To Do An Upclose With Us, Tell Us What Have You Been Up To Lately?
  • Dipsy Zam : Thank you for having me Fam, Well I have been good been cooking and work on my craft we definitely About to have a great year
  • Just A Quick Recap of last Year, We Know You Hard Huge Songs in the country? How would you rate your fans support?
  • Dipsy Zam : The support last year was like no other I had show after show it was one of those good years an artist would have I give it all to my supporters.
  • We won’t pretend to be deaf on this, You were announced as a signee of Kalandanya Music Promotion, Are you still signed or You are among the rest of the team which left the Label?
  • Dipsy Zam : I was just an Affiliate i never signed any contract with them.
  • Your Hardwork is seen out here, Can you mention atleast 4 Artists You Want To Work With This Year?
  • Dipsy Zam: This year I think Frank Ro , Neo , Mampi and Jemax ,I want to do something different .
  • Cinori Xo dissed You, are We seeing you Reply Him?
  • Dipsy Zam : I will reply when he makes a second hit song ,then will be at the same level. He has Participate I have Chila muntu, Attention, Drink beer save water, Ilekelele & Standard ,he should keep up 💀
  • What Should Fans Expect From Dipsy ZAM this Year?
  • Dipsy Zam This year you will see a side I think you have bee waiting for me and my team will impress you ,hope you ready. 

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