“Chanda Na Kay” are Like ‘Mr Bean’ they must not be Compared to Us-Says “Smart Kayz Altezza”(Dope Boys).


The fact that Chanda Na Kay has made it to the top in this music industry in an adverse moment when Covid-19 has had sparked Zambia and the World at large. Some of the fans and music lovers compare them to the Likes of Dope Boys an award winning Duo of the 2019 Kwacha Music Award. Some say the sound the same & some say they just copied their style.

This has been addressed here and there from both Chanda Na Kay & Dope Boys in different interviews they’ve had lately. As if that was not enough- Smart Kayz Altezza from Dope Boys put it in his verse on the “M Skills end of year cypher” to clarify the difference between Dope Boys & Chanda Na Kay. We Qoute his rap lines

Going international aba bomfwa muma shabini,

Babomfya Comedy Same Na (Mr Bean),….

Why Do you wana Compare ZYB naba Kafinda”.?
When you analyse Chanda Na Kay‘s lyrics are more poetical & Comical which made smart Kayz think Chanda Na Kay are comedians like Mr Bean. Listen to the Verse Below & Leave Your Comment.



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