Asake – Lonely at the top Mp3 Download

Asake - Lonely at the top Mp3 Download

Asake – Lonely at the top Mp3 Download

The song is a reflection of the artist’s personal experiences and struggles as he climbed the ladder of success in the music industry. Asake’s soulful voice and poignant lyrics capture the essence of the loneliness and isolation that often accompany success. In “Lonely at the Top,” Asake sings about the sacrifices he had to make to achieve his dreams, including losing friends and missing out on important moments with loved ones. He also touches on the pressure to maintain his success and the fear of losing it all. The song’s production is a fusion of Afrobeat and R&B, with a catchy beat that will have listeners nodding their heads and tapping their feet. Asake’s vocal range is impressive, and he effortlessly switches between singing and rapping, adding depth and texture to the song.

“Lonely at the Top” is a powerful reminder that success comes with its own set of challenges and that it’s essential to stay grounded and connected to those who matter most. Asake’s vulnerability and honesty in this song make it a must-listen for anyone who has ever felt the weight of success.


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Notable Lyrics!!

It’s lonely at the top”
“(Lonely, lonely, lonely)”
“Money on my mind”
“(Money, money, money)”
“Don’t care what they yearning about me in particular”
“(Ko kan mi, kan mi, kan mi)”
“I would cheer on the road chasing my dream because I know”
“(No one can chase it for me)”

“Olo-lolade maa n gb’omo lo (gb’omo lo)”
“Borokoto idi o’omo lo (o’omo lo)”
“o fi won s’ilo jo kan ma lo”
“No dey find anybody na money me I want (me I want)”
“No dey wetin people dey talk (people dey talk)”
“Won te pe Aoako l’eti lo (l’eti lo)”
“’cause life na one no get another one”
“I go take am do wetin I love.



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