Angry Mob stones 2 people to death in Mumbwa (watch)

Angry Mob stones 2 people to death in Mumbwa (watch)


Angry Mob stones 2 people to death in Mumbwa (watch)

Two people tragically lost their lives during the violent riots that erupted in Mumbwa. These individuals were suspected of being the masterminds behind the recent wave of ritual killings that had been plaguing the community. The tensions had reached a boiling point, leading to a chaotic and destructive outbreak of violence. Unfortunately, these two individuals became the target of the enraged mob and ultimately lost their lives as a result.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can arise when fear and anger grip a community, leading to devastating consequences for all involved, meanwhile bellow is the statement issued by ZNBC.

By Brian Mwale

Two people have been killed in Mumbwa district by an irate mob during a riot after information went round that a person had been killed in a suspected ritual murder.

The two include prominent Nkeyema and Mumbwa Businessman SIKAONGA ENERST popularly known as Yakaipa and his friend DAVID MWAKIYOMA a Tanzanian who was burnt by the rioting mob.

Deputy Police Spokesperson, DANNY MWALE says the riots started after the killing of MWIYA KASHWEKA whom the mob suspected that his heart and private parts were removed.

Mr. MWALE says one person was in process apprehended by the members of the public and taken to the police which provoked the riot.

He says many Mumbwa residents descended on the police demanding that the suspect be handed over to them which led to police running battles with the residents.
Mr. MWALE says various public buildings have been destroyed by the rioting residents among them a Veterinary office, Police office, Immigration office and National registration office.

He has however told ZNBC News that police in the area have received reinforcement from the Zambia Army and Department of Wildlife among others.


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