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Aka 1 Jay Biography - Must Read

Aka 1 Jay‘s real name is Bruce Knox Nkansa he was born on the 05 January 1992 in kabwe general hospital. he is a Zambian recording artist,songwriter, music producer and performer.

His breakthrough single is “Chinja Team Ukolewe” which he did with general Kanene, Though main people think that it is General Kanene’s song, He just came up with a strategy to use Kanene as the owner of the song so that he can be discovered by people.

Aka 1 Jay

Aka 1 Jay, started his music career at a tender age, Being born to the father who was playing bass guitar in the old kalindula bands like oliya band, prison band from kabwe and he worked also with pk chishala, AKA 1 jay got inspiration from his father, later on he started singing in choir group at the age of 14. in 2010 he came to Lusaka were he recorded his first track and then he went back to kabwe ,his track was the hit song in kabwe Central, That’s how he met a man named  Lota Mandevu popularly known us Drimz aka bashi lota then he joined the record label DRiMZ entertainment studio, they did collabos with DRiMZ then he decided to shift from kabwe to Lusaka, he started working as a TV presenter on BM TV Chanel 114 topstar.

In the same line of music he’s also a keyboard player who plays in different churches. 

You can find his songs on Google, check these tracks “New year” ft Chester, BA “Chimbwi” ft Bob mabege , “HH budget true or false ,ingwala and chinja team ukolewe.

Check Out His Songs here!! 



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